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Go digital with complete student life-cycle management.

  • Admission Management
  • Curriculum & Timetable Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Placement Management
  • Campus Workflow Digitisation
  • Fees Management (Cashless Campus)
  • Infrastructure & Inventory Management
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Empower Stakeholders


  • Stay Updated with Campus News and Events
  • Academic Discussions and Communities
  • Tools to collaborate and create a better learning environment


  • Extend learning outside classroom
  • Tools to reduce administrative burden
  • Timely feedback system to measure learning outcomes


  • Better resource utilisation using data analytics
  • Boost student engagement
  • Self-Services and Request Management
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Institutional Benefits

Boost Branding and Ranking

  • Create a powerful, digitized campus community.
  • Drive Admissions by building student centred brand.

Better, informed decisions through Data Analytics

  • End-to-End Feedback System.
  • Overall & divisional statistics of your campus.

Complete Academic Administration

  • Curriculum & Timetable Management.
  • Elective Bidding.

Go Paperless

  • E-Notifications and E-Circular
  • E-Learning Resources
  • Campus Policies, Rules & Regulations

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